Brain in a Basket: Interview with Sarah Herrington

by Julie Chibbaro A few months ago, I crashed physically: I couldn’t get out of bed, I couldn’t look at my phone or computer, couldn’t be near electronics of any kind, couldn’t even wear my step counter. I had been working hard—clearly, too hard—on my novel for months and months. I had forced myself to … Continue reading Brain in a Basket: Interview with Sarah Herrington

Let’s Get Political

by Kristen Holt Browning Politics and writing: do they mix? Up until recently, I would have said “no.” I thought works of fiction and poetry that overtly articulated political opinions or worldviews were artless and heavy handed.  But it’s 2018, and regardless of whether you’re liberal, conservative, or somewhere in between, politics is everywhere. A … Continue reading Let’s Get Political

Reading Like a Writer: Poetry Every Day

by Kristen Holt Browning When the poet Lucie Brock-Broido died in March, I felt a pang of shame. I had never read her, even though throughout college and grad school, I read lots of poetry. Heck, my MA thesis focused on the poets Anne Carson, Louise Glück, and Jorie Graham. And before that, I wrote … Continue reading Reading Like a Writer: Poetry Every Day

Poet & Essayist Cynthia Cruz

By Flora Stadler In this series, I'll ask writers a question about "the one." That one thing could be about their writing process, their personal experiences, or even writers they admire. The idea is to focus on a detail that (hopefully) reveals more about their writing life. My first installment in this series is with … Continue reading Poet & Essayist Cynthia Cruz